Banorët në Turqi ndalojnë prerjen e ullinjve nga një kompani private

Fotot ilustruese te këtij shkrimi janë marë nga një video e cila tregon përpjekjet e fermerëve dhe komunitetit për mbrojtur jetesen e tyre me kulturen e ullirit në Turqi. Banorët kundërshtojnë një kompani të madhe që prodhon energji nga qymyri e cila pasi i ka helmuar për 40 vjet me ajër të ndotur kërkon që […]

Digjitalizimi i bujqësisë është e ardhmja drejt suksesit

Bujqësia mbetet një sektor kryesor në shumë vende në zhvillim, ndërkohë që ferma e vogël mbetet aktiviteti kryesor për shumicën e njerëzve në shumë vende me të ardhura të ulëta. Problemi që sot bujqësia po ndeshet është se shumica e punëtorëve që largohen nga bujqësia përfundojnë duke punuar në sektorin informal me produktivitet të ulët. […]

Jonxha po shkon drejt cmimit te misrit

Lufta ne Ukraine si dhe problemet ekonomike qe shoqeruan mbare globin sollen zhvendosje te vemendjes nga sektoret e tjere por jo me pak te rendesishem dhe u fokusuan ne lendet e pare dhe kryesisht shporten ushqimore si dhe lendet djegese. Shumica e fermereve ne Europe u fokusuan ne mbjelljen e drithrave kete vit duke e […]

Meet up with Foreign Ladies For Relationship Online

Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or simply to meet someone new, getting foreign females online is the best way to go. Not only will you have the chance to interact with lots of women, but you will also have the possibility to learn regarding the nationalities of the countries you are in. […]

Intimate Honeymoons in Latin America

Unlike a traditional English wedding, the Latin American wedding ceremony can often be more detailed. The party is usually carried out by a priest, even though it is also conceivable to marry with out a priest. The religious formal procedure is the main event, followed by a reception. With respect to the region, some of […]

Keep away from Sugar Seeing Scams

Sugar dating has become a prevalent trend between vibrant women in recent years. Although the notion may be to some extent fanciful, it has a lots of potential to improve the lives of both parties. There are lots of reasons why sweets dating is on the rise. For starters, there are plenty of people looking […]

East Anniversary Traditions

Traditionally, the olde worlde is the strategy to use, but for the present day couple the next best choice is a modern twist on a classic. The top question is usually: what are the present day day cliches? There are several contemporary cliches, nevertheless let’s start with the modern day cliches that are the modern […]

caribbean girl looking for american boyfriend

Many ethnicities have their personal take on where and the way to wear being married diamond ring. The old standby is a wedding band on the left, but many ethnicities, especially in Far eastern Europe, have their own adaptation of a right passed wedding ring. The best way to choose hand to wear being […]

When Does the Standard Married Couple Have Sex?

The average the wife and hubby has sex a number of times a year. Several elements affect how often lovers get sexual activity. One of the most prevalent is age group. Younger couples tend married dating to have sexual activity more often than older lovers. There are lots of research that have been carried […]